Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Day

Wow, it has been a really long time since my last blog.  I can't even begin to put into words what the last 9 months have been like but suffice it to say, I am happy they are over.  

Today I start a new job.  Its 5:30am right now and dont actually have to be at work until 8:15 know how it is.  I laid in bed for awhile before having the bright idea to get up, blog a bit, go on a refreshing walk/run and then do my yoga.  I suppose this is how the working mom's get everything done.  They don't sleep much. Ha! 

Its been 3 years since I have had a job.  3 long years.  Three years of trials and tribulations and learning experiences, the whole kit and kaboodle.  In the past 2 years I have had 3 surgeries.  In the first year I was married we traveled about 6 of 12 months.  Its just been wild and crazy.  I am ready to slow down.  I am so ready to have a job.  And though I may seem way overeducated for my  new job, I really don't care.  It is with thankfulness and excitement that I embark on this new phase.  God knows exactly what i need and what resources I have.  This job felt like it just landed in my lap.  I sent in a resume the week before, got called the night before and quickly interviewed before heading down to spend two days taking care of and spending time with my two youngest nephews.  I was able to see my oldest at home nephew for his birthday and meet his new girlfriend, as well as spend some really fun and quality time visiting with my sister.  

It was a good week.  But it was also a week of stress.  We had received some news at the tail end of the week before (after i sent in my resume), that made it clear that me working would be a really great thing for me as well as for other reasons.  Anyway, so after not hearing anything for a week, I assumed they must have decided i was a bit too overqualified or that i may not want to stay at a job that wasn't quite as challenging as it could be.  But the truth of the matter is that when I saw the posting I thought it looked great and fun and the hours were perfect.  As I ease back into the world of working this is a great way to start.  

So I got the offer letter yesterday, accepted, went in to fill out paperwork and such and here I am, the next morning starting off fresh at a completely new job.  A job that I honestly may have been timid to interview for before the surgery. Not that i don't know I am qualified, but when you are fat and you are working in a place of fitness, not to mention a gym that seriously looks and feels like the marriott, it can be a bit intimidating.  How many gyms have full spas and bistro's complete with deli salads, sandwiches and espresso.  Not to mention a Concierge desk!  

I know this job and every other have been gifts from The Lord and I will treat it as such.  I will not think about the part of me that feels somewhat humbled that with my background and education I now work as a childcare assistant in a gym facility.  I will think about the good things.  Which are plentiful.  I will put away my pride and revel in the blessing that God bestowed on Jeremy and I at a time where it was needed.  And I will enjoy myself and work to the best of my ability as working for God and not man.  God will use me where I am at and what a blessing it is to be able to love on families and kiddos as parents receive some alone time to work out and have that confidence their child is happy and healthy as they are cared for by workers who love them and love what they do  =)


Gullett Circus said...

Woohoo good luck!

Missy said...

so happy for you!!!!! you look great and hope you are feeling good too. Haven't seen you in a while and was glad to see you updated your blog. congrats on the job. the weight loss. the zest for life :) hope to see you soon!what facility do you work at? I should come work out there!!