Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cannon Beach

Jeremy and I went to cannon beach last weekend. It was just a spur of the month thing. I got a great special offer in my email for lodging so off we went. Cannon Beach is a place full of memories for me. While Jeremy and i have gone there before a few times, this was our first time we actually stayed for a weekend and were alone. The other couple of times we were with friends or family.

It was such fun showing Jeremy about all my old haunts. We went to the Cannon Beach Conference center where oddly enough the women's retreat from my church I attended in Salem happened to be there. Saw a few old friends I had not seen in quite some time. We went through the grounds and I showed him all of the places I used to hang...albeit they are much nicer now. I showed him the chapel of memories where I was so disappointed to see that the back where we all used to hang, sing and crochet appears to now be a storage area.

We meandered to the Coach House and had a really good tall triple breve latte (my fav drink), made by an Ecola student then made reservations for a marriage conference in April where I instructed the lady registering us that I needed to stay in the only lodge I had not cleaned bathrooms in while doing work study at Ecola.

We went to Pig n Pancake, the newer cannon beach location. We went to Bruce's candy kitchen and then sat down on couches at Bella espresso and enjoyed more coffee before meeting up with old friends from Ecola for lunch. i should also point out that Bella Espresso has changed dramatically. As has everything else.

It's always nostalgic going to special places and then being able to make more memories. Cannon Beach will always be one of those places I hold dear. It is where I made friends for a lifetime. Even though I don't always see these friends I know they will always share a part of my heart. And now my husband too gets to share a part of that memory as well, as we build on the old and begin the new.