Thursday, December 4, 2008

December resolution

its december 4th and I am seated here on my couch writing this and listening to Katie Couric in the background. I am a Brian Williams follower but I missed the 5:30 news. As a side note...I am really not digging Katie's new hair do.

The big three...what to do? They are sick as it is...bankruptcy could have cataclysmic ramifications. Do i like it? No Way! Did i like the 700 billion dollar bail out? No Way! Is all of this necessary?? Unfortunately yes. I am so thankful for God who takes care of us. I am so thankful that I don't have to worry about being okay because He promises me He will meet my needs. I am so thankful that because of this I don't live in fear and feel the need to be selfish and stingy. Do unto others right? :o) Not that I don't pay close attention to the stock market and Jeremy's 401K...human nature i suppose.

Anyway...all of this is on my mind as I continued my Christmas shopping today. When did Christmas become this? When did it become so commercialized that it does not even seem to reflect Christ anymore? I wish for a Christmas devoid of presents. What do we truly NEED? We need Jesus. We need our savior. We need to love others.

I say all of this but then i look down at my pottery barn and restoration hardware shopping bags and I know I am a part of this. I am no better than anyone else. Though I question commercialism...i too fall victim to the store sales and the beauty of Christmas decorations. Reality takes shape as I look at the clock and see that it is almost 7 and my husband is still not home from work. Sometimes I truly wonder if financial security is worth the time that my husband pays every day. resolution is to blog more often. I ended up on a bit of a tangent...such is life.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's our turn now!

This is our first official Littrell web page/blog area. I have been loving reading tons of blogs over the past month or so and decided what a great way for our friends and family to keep up with the two of us.

It is almost the 4th of July and as this weekend comes we are so excited. My parents are coming up from Albany to spend the weekend with us in Vancouver, WA. We rented a family suite at the Heathmann Lodge in Vancouver for 2 nights and are totally looking forward to just chilling out and having a great time visiting.

Also, this is the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night before we flew off to Kauai the next day. So it is a little extra special I suppose. We are planning to go to the Fort Vancouver fireworks display as long as we all feel up to it.

It has been a long few months. My sister and husband had their 4th child, Talan, and then subsequently moved a couple of months later; so we have been a very busy family welcoming our new addition and getting them moved into their new place.

And... I just finished my first class at Portland Community College here in Hillsboro. It is the first class I have taken since my 2003 graduation from Oregon State. It was a bit daunting going back to school but I am definitely ready for my full load in the fall. Jeremy has been tremendously busy with work. It seems that even though he is home in the evenings I never get to see him much. He is in many many evening meetings with Malaysia, India and Israel.

We are almost to our 10 month anniversary. It seems crazy. We have made a valiant effort to go out on a date every week since we got married, and to celebrate the 8th day of every month (or as close to it as possible). Some months it has worked and others have not been as successful.

A quick rundown...

Sep.. Honeymoon in Hawaii was beautiful and warm. We were exhausted and ready to come home. :o)

Oct.. Jeremy brought me a dozen roses on the 8th and we went to dinner.

Nov.. We stayed at a very fun bed and breakfast in Depot bay called the Pana-sea-ah. I got very sick...not so romantic. Hahaha

Dec.. We were in Mazatlan for a wonderful 10 day vacation. My parents joined us with 4 days remaining.

Jan.. We were in Arkansas at Jeremy's mother's home. We did not go out...It was a very busy time with loads of family to see. We were in Arkansas for almost a month.

Feb.. We went to a bed and breakfast in Bend called Cabin Creek for Valentine's weekend. It was fabulous and we are going back there for our first anniversary. Also, Jeremy surprised me with a valentine's date to the Portland Spirit. A wonderful dinner cruise that sported very yummy food.

Mar.. Jeremy was in Indiana visiting one of his close friends, Nathan. I was with my parents. Also...VERY romantic.. Hahaha

April.. Had tickets to Cirque De Soleil, Corteo for April 5 (our one year engagement anniversary)...but our new nephew was born the evening of April 3. We were wiped out and we were still in Albany for the whole weekend.

May.. Went to a wonderful ballet called the white bird 4 x 4... Then took off on a last minute 2 nights to our depot bay bed and breakfast.

June.. I think we failed. I think we were tired and busy...Oh, Jeremy was on a fishing trip with my dad and church. Again...I was with my mom. Hahaha

July.. Remains to be seen. I suppose this weekend at our wedding night location sort of counts...even if we are with our parents.